Top Reasons Why Young Smokers Turn To Vaping

By now we all know that smoking isn’t good. Some people smoke their entire life and do not have an issue while others tend to develop cancers and other illnesses after a short period of smoking. This is individual but the consensus is that smoking will harm your health.

Is there a replacement for those that can give up on smoking? Yes, but are they worth it? the fact is that there are plenty of smoking replacements out there, there are patches, and gums and as of late, we saw a huge spike in vaping devices that are advertised as a healthier way of smoking and a more stylish way. Is that so, we are not sure. There are studies and research that prove it right there are those that prove it to be as same as regular smoking, if not worse. The consensus on this is divided but we will not focus on that here.

The focus of this article is the reasons why young smokers turn to vaping and we will explain them below. If you are a smoker or you are looking for a smoking replacement and wondering if you are of age for either, may we suggest it will provide more info on your questions and we will answer the ones from our article right now.

Because someone else vapes


Now when it comes to vaping, more and more people are deciding to take it up because they saw someone else use it, in their vicinity, and someone praised it and showed them how to do it. vaping is not bad, and it sure looks cooler and cleaner than a regular cigarette. One research states that around 40% of people smokers and non-smokers, take on vaping because they saw it from someone else.



One thing that is awesome about vapes is the fact that they smell and look a lot better than regular cigarettes. Every one of us has a smoker somewhere and what we all instantly see and smell are the yellow fingers from nicotine and that bad odour from their mouth and their clothes. With vapes, this is non-existent and you can choose from a plethora of flavours that will make your breath smell awesome every time, your clothes will not have smelling problems from tobacco and nicotine, and everyone around you will love that. Per that same research around 35% of people are vaping just because of that fact.



When it comes to vaping and cigarettes in general there is a healthy or not healthy dispute. So far, we are somewhere at 50/50. Some people are fighting hard to prove that vaping is destroying your lungs the same way cigarettes are, maybe even worse, while others are extensively proving that this is not true and that vaping is a lot safer and healthier. The decision is ultimately yours, but one thing is for sure – neither is good for your health when you are using it for prolonged periods. If you are a smoker and looking for an easy way to quit you can go for vapes sometimes, and if you are looking to have some fun and look cool on certain occasions go for vapes but again, not for long.