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Etimos uses the tools of finance, investment and credit to intervene in people's lives,
restore dignity, hope and a future

In 25 years we have raised over € 30 million, in the form of remunerated savings,
and patient capital.

These resources have allowed us to invest 125 million Euros. We have supported with capital and loans more than 120 organizations in three main areas: financial inclusion, support to microenterprise and agribusinesses development.
We have reached over 400,000 people, in Italy and in the world.

The funds raised

€ 32 Millions

The resources we collected in 25 years through our member organisations, responsible investors and innovative philanthropy actions.

bigSalvadanaio.png € 12,4 millions


mediumSalvadanaio.png € 9,8 Millions


smallSalvadanaio.png € 9,3 Millions



€ 126 Millions

The resources we invested in 25 years in three areas: microcredit and financial inclusion in developing countries, microcredit and microenterprise support in Italy, support to agricultural production and the creation of processing and marketing supply chains.

bigMoneta.png € 82.5 Millions

Microcredit and financial inclusion in developing countries

mediumMoneta.png € 28.5 Millions

Microcredit and microenterprise support in Italy

smallMoneta.png € 15 Millions

Support to agricultural production and supply chains

People, organisations and countries

By partnering with over 130 local organisations, we have reached 400,000 people in more than 30 countries around the world and helped them improve their lives.

FRA_3018.JPG 400,000 People

Microentrepreneurs, small farmers, people who thanks to Etimos have built a future for themselves and their families.

IMG_7003.JPG 130 Organisations

Microfinance institutions, producer cooperatives, social and community enterprises, associations and NGOs.

iStock_000043661896_XXXLarge.jpg 32 Countries

The countries where Etimos has investments, projects and active partners in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.