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On the 15th of October we'll dedicate a full webinar to B.I.T.E., the European-funded project that support migrant entrepreneurs belonging to African diaspora. The focus is on enterprises that have a positive social and environmental impact. The customized training and mentoring boosts both the entrepreneurial development and the socioeconomic integration of migrants joining the initiative. Please register ---> HERE 
We are switching Africa green and we are glad to present our beneficiaries' stories about the transition to a green economy. Our Green to Grow project is supporting small and medium farmers to scale up and while fostering environment protection.  Read their inspiring experiences on Facebook and LinkedIn.    
Green to Grow beneficiaries tell their own business stories in a video where they show the implementation of sustainable production and consumptions practices in mango, dairy and coffee value chains. What they have learnt thanks to the project may be useful everywhere to minimize the carbon footprint.
The stories of prospective entrepreneurs who enrolled for our B.I.T.E. course are now available on the Youtube channel dedicated to the project co-financed by the European Union. B.I.T.E. gives African diaspora migrants the opportunity to formalize a business either in Europe or in Africa.     
Listen to the radio reportage titled "Climate change according to Kenyan farmers" as told by mango, coffee and dairy producers who are beneficiaries of the European Union in Kenya funded Switch Africa Green - Green to Grow project. Through interviews by Matteo Fraschini Koffi to farmers in rural Kenya, the adoption of green agricultural practices was repeatedly highlighted as an increasingly necessary tool to mitigate the effects of #climatechange. This comprehensive broadcast was aired in Italian on RTSI (Radio televisione svizzera italiana)  
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