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Life - Livelihood Intervention through Financing and Entrepreneurship
Life - Livelihood Intervention through Financing and Entrepreneurship
Sector: Post-emergency interventions, Microcredit
Country: Philippines
Partner: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana
Beginning Year: 2014

Life Fund means Livelihood Intervention Through Financing and Entrepreneurship.

The idea
A project for the reconstruction of the economic and social fabric in some of the provinces of the Philippines most affected by Typhoon Haiyan; Life Fund has multiple partners, uses many tools and integrates many layers of intervention. It was activated thanks to the resources made available by several parties: the investors from Etimos Fund (the specialised investment fund of the Etimos network), the Italian Episcopal Conference, the private donors who participated in a crowdfunding campaign launched by Etimos Foundation.

In the Philippines Etimos has leveraged the post emergency response experience it has gained over the last 15 years in different contexts: from the Balkans to Sri Lanka, from the Congo to Italy. We have learned that credit, supporting the microeconomy and job creation are fundamental in a reconstruction perspective and in the medium and long term. We are convinced that, right after the most acute phase of the emergency, it is possible to transform at least part of the flow of solidarity and humanitarian aid into job opportunities and income for thousands of families.

Life Fund contemplates the following actions:

  • capitalization interventions in support of microfinance organisations (to meet the portfolio losses caused by the typhoon
  • a revolving fund in support of microfinance organisations (which enables the provision of soft loans to microentrepreneurs affected by the typhoon)
  • capacity building interventions to strengthen the microfinance organisations
  • training measures aimed at final beneficiaries of microcredits
  • community development projects to the end beneficiaries of the microcredits (in particular the purchase of new boats for fishermen who have lost theirs to the typhoon).

Our local partner in the implementation of the various interventions is Append: Alliance of Philippines Partners in the Enterprise Development. Append is a network made up of 8 local NGOs, which brings to the table many strengths:

  • it was a pioneer in the dissemination of microfinance in the Philippines
  • it has 65 branches in the affected areas
  • 96,000 of its beneficiaries were affected by the typhoon
  • it funds mainly women
  • it caters to an extremely poor target population (the average loan is $ 214 considering an average income of $ 2,587 in the Philippines)
  • in addition to credit it offers: microinsurance, support to microenterprise services, scholarships, community education.