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Dream up
Dream up
Sector: Financial education
Country: Italy
Partner: Fondazione Cariverona, Gruppo Le Pleiadi
Beginning Year: 2013

DreamUp is a financial education project that speaks to children and their families of the relationship between money, work, personal fulfillment and the basic mechanisms of the economy and finance.

The idea
Dream Up focuses on children and young adults, their aspirations, where they see themselves in the future. The educational goal is to empower them to become leaders, promoters of new ideas, courageous in implementing a personal project, knowing they are not alone, and can share and create new knowledge with their peers, their families and the outside world .

The proposal targets children in 4th and 5th grade: the challenge is to speak to them directly about these concepts which only appear difficult and distant, in the certainty that with the proper language and approach it is possible already today to educate the adults of tomorrow.
In order to speak with these children, Dream Up conducts interactive workshops in the classroom. Each 120 minute workshop is highly interactive and guided by a qualified operator. The degree of difficulty and depth is in proportion to the age of pupils, as are the communication mode and the chosen language.

The contents of the workshops are designed to be as interdisciplinary as possible, taking into account the constraints imposed by ministerial programs, in order to offer teachers a chance to study directly in the classroom, close to their true needs.

At the end of the workshops the children will have acquired:

  • a basic understanding of the concepts of "unit of measurement" and "international system"
  • the ability to properly use technical terms like "money", "savings" and "credit"
  • a deep understanding of the importance of work as an opportunity for earning but especially for personal fulfillment
  • the ability to be proactive, creative in trying to initiate and develop their own project
  • knowledge of the concept of trust, not only not only in a financial sense, but also for valuable ideas
  • an understanding of credit as a trust relationship as well as a tool in support of work.

As of now Dream Up has been carried out in more than 200 classes, engaging more than 5000 students in the provinces of Padua, Verona, Vicenza and Modena.