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Cultivating a different future
Cultivating a different future
Sector: Agriculture, Microcredit
Country: Cameroon
Partner: Maire Tecnimont, Sofina
Beginning Year: 2015

Thanks to the support of the Maire Tecnimont Group, Etimos is pioneering an innovative intervention in support of rural communities in Cameroon.

The idea
250 small local producers - particularly women and young people - have been selected to receive in kind microcredit
in the form of seeds, small work tools, fertilizers and products for the maintenance of plantations. Etimos will follow them step by step, in collaboration with a local partner: Sofina.
There are three key words in this project: Africa, agriculture and microcredit. In the African continent, the fate of millions of people is tied to the transition from subsistence farming to a broader productive activity, the only thing that can guarantee food security, creation of marketing supply chains, a progressive independence from international aid and better living conditions especially for the most disadvantaged communities.

The project is in its first year of operation. In these months we have been working on several fronts, creating a local supply chain of raw materials and other products, identifying potential beneficiaries for the loans, designing training courses on the use of seeds and fertilizers in connection with the provision of in-kind loans. We are about to deliver the first microloans.