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A social enterprise that produces paper from elephant dung in a context of difficult cohabitation between the farmers and these huge animals.

First year of investment: 2007

Sri Lanka is home to about a tenth of the 40,000 wild Asian elephants, but the coexistence of these animals with farmers is very difficult: the latter need the land to grow, produce and live; the animals require space to move in search of food, often with disastrous consequences for crops.

For this reason in 1997 Maximus (which is named after the zoological name of the Sri Lanka elephant: Elefhus Maximus Maximus) was born as a business project aiming to show farmers that elephants can have economic value, which can compensate them for the damage caused by their passage. Their droppings - each adult specimen produces about 200 kg per day - are collected and used by Maximus as raw material in the production of natural or colored paper, which is then used in making notebooks, diaries, reams, envelopes, letters, albums and greeting cards. All products are available in Italy, imported by the Cooperativa Vagamondi of Formigine.