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A Peruvian microcredit organisation that works exclusively with indigenous women in rural settings.

First year of investment: 2013

Mide operates since 1994 with a specific goal: to fund campesino women in the Andean region of South-East of Peru.

Why we invest
Mide provide loans in the areas of Cuzco, Apurimac and Puno. The beneficiaries of the loans are asked to organize themselves in solidarity groups of 3 to 5 units/people, which are mutually responsible for the debt owed, thus developing collaborative skills and solidarity.

The campesino women with whom Mide works are ethnic Quechua: they are the heirs of the Inca culture that was destroyed by the Spanish conquest, they speak almost exclusively Quechua, they are for the most part illiterate and in their families they live in conditions of total subordination to their husband, often enduring violence. They have an average of 4 or 5 children, among which the girls suffer the same discrimination: while males are given the opportunity to attend school, females are excluded.

Providing funds for these women thus promotes emancipation, stimulating a real process of gaining self-awareness and knowledge one’s rights and potential.