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A company that processes and markets agricultural products in Sri Lanka, in particular cocoa and spices.

First year of investment: 2009
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Coop-Id is an organisation that specialises in the processing of cocoa and spice. Born in 2009, in the context of Etimos’s post-tsunami interventions in Sri Lanka, and in particular of a support project for small local producers.
Etimos was the main actor in the start up of Coop-Id: from the first concept of the project, to the design of the operational plan, the management and especially the provision of capital.

Why we invest
The initial idea was to take up and enhance the entire cocoa supply chain, where cultivation was declining in the island, despite the high quality of the local strain, due to the penalising dynamics of international markets and the lack of investment in skills and technologies. This process was implemented on the one hand by engaging and aggregating small local producers, first as an association and later as a cooperative, and on the other hand by setting up a modern plant to collect and process the raw material, which is particularly suited to the fermentation and drying stages (the latter completed thanks to a biomass fueled oven).

Today Coop-Id stands as a testament to a successful experiment of collaboration and networking of ancient knowledge, agricultural techniques and skills by the farmers who had the courage to take up the challenge of participating actively in this project. Here are the main results:

• participation of 891 small and medium local producers
• 45 producers in the cooperative have chosen the path of organic production certified by European institutions as well as the US Department of Agriculture
• the total extent of the land managed by Coop-Id farmers stretches over more than 2000 hectares in two districts, Malale and Monaragala
• an increase of 200% of the income of cocoa producers (from Rs 150 to Rs 400 per kilo of dried cocoa beans)
• an increase in sales from 68.00 Euros to 160,000 Euros between 2011 and 2012
• the growth of staff: 5 employees in administrative positions and 15 production workers.