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A cooperative that promotes microcredit as a tool for empowerment of women in Honduras

Total invested: $ 900,000
First year of investment: 2005
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Why we invest
The goal of Comixmul is to combat the difficulties that women face daily in Honduras (one of the poorest countries in Latin America, with an unemployment rate of 39% of the active population), to contribute to improving their social, cultural and economic conditions, both in rural and urban areas.

Today Comixul is the largest women’s cooperative in Honduras, with more than 30,000 members. In a country among the poorest in Central America, Comixmul caters to a range of people living in conditions of social exclusion, who have difficulty accessing basic goods and services, such as housing and healthcare.
After twenty years, the Cooperative's main activity continues to be the provision of credit to women, who make up 100% of its clientele. The members of Comixmul belong mostly to a segment of population that lives in extreme poverty and social exclusion (most are single mothers).

The cooperative's activities are not limited to granting credit but also include the collection of savings, training and coaching on topics of money and business management, education and access to medical care, distribution of medicines and the provision of transport services.