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Alce Nero

A brand connected with over a thousand organic farmers and beekeepers, all committed to producing high quality healthy food, as a result of an agriculture that respects the land.

Total invested: 1,500,000 Euros
First year of investment: 2007
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Why we invest
Alce Nero is a company brings together Italian and Latin American farmers who are committed to developing a sustainable and responsible economy that offers a new approach to eating and living. Organic agriculture and breeding, typicality, specialization, innovation, protection technologies, territorial vocation and a strong commitment are the common feature among the farmers and member companies of Alce Nero.

Alce Nero is the key figure of the entire supply chain: from their work in the fields, where they select the most suitable and traditional varieties and the production techniques most respectful of the raw material, to the processes executed with innovative technologies that protect the natural quality of food, to commercialization.

Since 2007 Black Elk has doubled its revenue (from 22 to 50 million euro), increased the number of producers involved and developed products with high social value. Among them: the Fairtrade line (with raw materials coming from countries such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru and India) and Il Gusto (a line of organic products made by cooperatives that manage lands confiscated from local mafias in accordance with production methods established by the Libera Terra disciplinary.