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2Pay Imel

2Pay is the most innovative mobile payment system on the Italian market.

Total invested: € 350,000
First year of investment: 2014
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Why we invest
Already considered by experts the "currency of the future", 2Pay is simple to use: just download the app and register, as merchant or as private consumer. The activation of the system creates a 2Pay IBAN - released by the eponymous Electronic Money Institute as authorized and supervised by the Bank of Italy - coinciding with the cellphone number.
With 2Pay one can make money transfers in real time, without cost and with a high sales socialisation. These are the key points on which this next-generation mobile payment system was designed. Conceived without ever forgoing the safety factor. In fact, thanks to the supervision by 2Pat Imel, the username, password and PIN associated with the phone are completely protected for mobile payments.
2Pay is an innovative application, for iOS or Android, which allows the user to transfer money from one smartphone to another with no commissions for the customer and a fixed 2-cent fee for the merchant, thus eliminating the slow and costly passages involved in bank or credit card payments. In addition, 2Pay has a cashback service for purchases with merchants belonging to the circuit.

The cashback money is a percentage of the amount spent, which is credited directly to one’s 2Pay account with each purchase. The goal is to increase customer loyalty and thus sales, giving the customer the opportunity to immediately receive a discount.